That is why we propose to accompany you in the management and development of your computer. This support means all or part of your fleet. Our engineers, after the audit existant.vous park to advise:

  • updating of hardware and software
  • renewal parts
  • purchase

gestion parc informatique

park management also includes constant monitoring of the proper functioning of equipment to detect the earliest possible failures to repair as soon as possible and thus guarantee continuity or recovery of the fastest possible service. Parallel to the outsourcing business, our company also offers asset management services. This service is intended for all SMEs and very small businesses, whatever their size and sector. 

whatever company working daily with hardware must manage this IT park. Mismanagement could have serious repercussions on the operation itself of a business. This task must be assigned to a specialized computer technician, a position that is not necessarily open to all companies. Entrust the management of your computer to an external company offers several advantages. First, you reduce your operating costs because you are not obliged to employ full-time staff. In addition, you do not from time to recruitment material designated because you lose direct calls to a company specialized in this sector, a company that has the skills tailored to your needs. Webinfopro has experienced technicians capable of ensuring the management of your computer. Install, maintain, protect and upgrade your equipment and technology are part of our mission.

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