Specializing in satellite Internet connections and IP satellite links for over 3 years, 3IT Groups Solution has implemented solutions to meet the exact requirements of each industry. Each activity has specific features and it is very important to take into account every aspect of the use of IP or Internet by satellite every customer if we are to achieve meet its needs effectively. So we built our solutions in partnership with the world's leading satellite operators Eutelsat, SES NewSkies, Intelsat, Telesat, Amos Spacecom, RSCC, ABS and can now answer all the problems a customer may have in any how Africa and even the world. 3IT Groups offers the provision of services in order to provide the customer:

  • internet access VSAT satellite to meet its needs
  • a network of satellite business with customized VSAT services (VPN, mesh network, star network, point-multipoint network, satellite IP multicast ...)
  • a full service integration, the provision of VSAT equipment, shipping, and installation of VSAT installers 3IT Groups partner to the commissioning of VSAT services and the recipe

M2M Over Satellite iDirect X1Satellite communication systems have some advantages that can be exploited for the provision of connectivity. These are :

  • insensitive to distance costs
  • The simple delivery platform service (one-stop-shop)
  • Flexible, Extensible
  • network life cycle costs are lower than some alternatives
  • Rapid Deployment: Install and Commissionnez: 1/2 - 2 days
  • Reliable Service: 99.9% for data; + 99.5% for voice
  • The Mean Time Between Failures (Mean Time Between Failures)> 25,000 hours (3 years)
  • Proven in 100+ countries
  • Low incremental costs per unit
  • ubiquitous coverage without restriction large geographical areas by single systems