Our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction

Our individual approach to each project allows us to perfectly meet the requirements of customers, but also to respect all the regulations of the country where the project is implemented. We focus on meeting deadlines and on the pre-established budgets.

Construction projects are highly dependent on the quality of suppliers, we carefully select all subcontractors that we recommend to our customers. Our company offers consulting and quality project managers, able to meet the different requirements of our customers and remaining at their service for the duration of the project.

Our values

The quality
Everyone's satisfaction to see that his work is done well, the overall work of our team is valued by its customers as highly qualitative

It is constant, regula

  •  An innovation to reach the respect of the environment: a mobile body of a totally new type, having been the subject of a patent.

  • A stainless steel platform, tailored to the specific needs of a customer.

    The sense of responsibilities

The sense of responsibilities

  • It is essential that our employees can act with the sense of responsibility, which then allows them to express their performance, and motivates..


  • 3IT Groups Solution wants to be close to its customers, flexible and responsive.
  • The management 3IT Groups is also a local management where everyone can share in the annual performance progress.
  • 3IT Groups  is acting as spokesman Vosgienne company to contribute to the vitality of the region.