517HteTeWpLTo meet expanding networks and the pooling of resources in companies, Mikrotik provides a range of products more and more diverse, however the standardizing of its equipment configuration tools through its online ordering interface but also via its GUI winbox.

Objectives :

  • Operate a medium-sized network with several MIKROTIK switches, configureVLAN, les agrégations de ports et le protocole spanning-tree ;
  • Troubleshoot IP connectivity with MIKROTIK environment ;
  • Configure and troubleshoot OSPF multizone in an IPv4 environment ;
  • Configure OSPF multi-zone in an IPv6 environment;
  • Configure and troubleshoot EIGRP in an IPv4 environment;
  • Configure EIGRP in an IPv6 environment;
  • Define the characteristics, functions and components of WAN ;
  • SNMP, syslog et NetFlow ;
  • Manage configurations Mikrotik devices, IOS updates and licenses.

 Monitoring dune infrastructure informatique sur base doutils libres3Monitoring dune IT infrastructure based libres3Le world of tools for the supervision of networks, previously reserved for large publishers, sees the emergence of new Open Source solutions. Thanks to its low cost and simplicity of implementation, eg linux attracted more and more companies, despite a smaller functional coverage that publishers tools. Considering the long-term solution because of the support of an active community. After this training, participants will deploy and implement the Nagios monitoring tool, Zabbix, Cacti, Eye of network, Centreon..

Objectives of the training

  • evaluate the contributions and use of monitoring tools in the control of networks, technical and practical approach
  • Know how to install, configure and manage each of its product


Give the role of SNMP for monitoring and metrology of information systems and networks as well as application monitoring


Present a management architecture of information systems (Nagios, Centreon, Zabbix, Cacti) Describe the items carried by the protocol and use (SNMP MIBs) to study the structure of MIBs present a consolidated information feedback interface for know in real time network status, systems and applications


Study of information feedback indicators across the SI Examples of managed objects for monitoring: traffic levels (LAN and WAN) error rates or other metrics measure the behavior of a network, an equipment or other resources instrumented activity level server application availability


Identification of critical equipment information Survey of Selected indicators for the dashboard of the DSI

Practical work

Implementation around a platform supervisionZabbix, Centreon (Nagios based) settings and formatting of results (Cacti) Deployment of indicators Analysis and interpretation of results