517HteTeWpLTo meet expanding networks and the pooling of resources in companies, Mikrotik provides a range of products more and more diverse, however the standardizing of its equipment configuration tools through its online ordering interface but also via its GUI winbox.

Objectives :

  • Operate a medium-sized network with several MIKROTIK switches, configureVLAN, les agrégations de ports et le protocole spanning-tree ;
  • Troubleshoot IP connectivity with MIKROTIK environment ;
  • Configure and troubleshoot OSPF multizone in an IPv4 environment ;
  • Configure OSPF multi-zone in an IPv6 environment;
  • Configure and troubleshoot EIGRP in an IPv4 environment;
  • Configure EIGRP in an IPv6 environment;
  • Define the characteristics, functions and components of WAN ;
  • SNMP, syslog et NetFlow ;
  • Manage configurations Mikrotik devices, IOS updates and licenses.