ESET solutions are fast, reliable and work very well, even on our older machines. Their deployment and management are very easily with the console.

eset android readyProtect your data

checkantivirus and antispyware protection
Eliminates all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware, with an analysis in the cloud option, for increased performance and detection.


checkAdvanced Memory Analyzer
Follows the behavior of malicious processes and analysis when off their mask, to effectively prevent infections, even those from extremely stealthy malware.


checkxploit Blocker - targeted attacks Combat
New detection technology that strengthens protection against targeted attacks and unknown exploits before, that is to say, zero-day attacks.

checkspecialized cleaning tools
Provides the most relevant standalone tools for critical malware cleaning in the interface product for malicious software that can not be removed by conventional cleaning tool.


eset android readyfully secure infrastructure

checkOptimisé pour l'environnement virtuel
The IS shared local cache stores the metadata of scanned files so that the replicated files are not scanned again on other virtual machines


check Storage Analysis
easily set analyzes network storage (NAS) devices on demand. Used with ESET shared local cache, it can significantly reduce the I / O disk operations.


checkSupports native clustering
Interconnectez plusieurs nœuds installés de ESET File Security au sein d'un cluster et gérez-les comme un seul nœud, ce qui évite de devoir répliquer les modifications manuellement dans la configuration.

checkstorage analysis Hyper-V
malware scanning of Microsoft Windows servers compatible with the installation of Hyper-V role. To increase performance, reduce memory consumption and CPU, analyzes can be performed on virtual machines when they are off.


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