incendie1                                               DETECTION AND FIRE ALARM

safety equipment specialist fire 3ITGROUPS prompts you to install your commercial and your industrial buildings in a fire detection system to prevent the risk of fire starting. Equipped with automatic smoke detectors and alarm high-tech fire, your premises will be perfectly protected.

                               ALARM ANTI INTRUSION AND PROTECTION SYSTEManti intrusion11

Because it is essential to ensure the safety of goods and people into your business, 3ITGROUPS offers a wide range of protection and burglar alarm systems tailored to your needs. Whether to protect your goods, to ensure the confidentiality of your information or offer a safe working environment for your employees, we intervons on the burglar alarm system in your business.

                                           SOUND ROOM AND SECURITYsonorisation1

Install a sound security within your premises is a precautionary measure not to neglect to protect your staff. In case of problems, the use of a sound security is more efficient than a traditional siren. The broadcasting of evacuation messages is more audible instructions are better understood and panic avoided. Perfect complement fire alarms, audible alarms evacuation allow the minimum to avoid accidents and why not save lives. Moreover, adequate equipment, in accordance with the law, reduces the amount of the insurance premium.

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