3ITGROUPS comes to design your network, implement and secure technologies to provide you a tool adapted to the size of your fleet and the data flowing. You need a quality network? Several technologies meet there:

LAN (Local Area Network)
Your LAN connects your computers to enable them to work together. Organized in "Client / Server", a central computer provides data to all others. This is your private internal network through which you allow your employees to access your servers and therefore your information systems.

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)
By extension of the LAN, VLAN is a virtual local network. it allows to optimize and secure local network: data flow management, bandwidth optimization, resource optimization and increased security through isolation of machines ...

WAN (Wide Area Network)
WAN, the external network to the company. It can be private or public (Web). This is a LAN to a wide geographic scale: country, continent or planet.

For these technologies, we rely on the manufacturer CISCO which is the key player, but also Ubiquiti for wireless solutions.
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